The Christian Space

is an online site that gives Christians an online presence to be inspired by thoughts, devotions, prayer, articles, insights and topical content that appeals to Christians of all walks of life.

The Christian Lifestyle

The Christian’s lifestyle, as you can imagine, is a multi-faceted lifestyle. We all live a normal life as we grow closer to God and reach His ultimate purpose for our lives.

Our purpose is to almost ‘escort’ you along this path with timely and relevant thoughts that relate to our every day issues – from relationships, finance, bible study, devotion, travel, entertainment, to more volatile issues like living unapologetically for God in the midst of a generation that has largely forgotten him.


This Is Your Space To Be…A Christian

This is your space to be the person God called you to be, to show your vulnerability, your desire for Him and to share some of your challenges so we can all join together in prayer and solidarity for you.

So if you have anything you would like to share – a testimony, a thanksgiving report or simply want to comment on some of the content we share, please do so using this contact form.

All comments will be reviewed and reposted if they are godly, honorable, worthy of good report and uplifting.